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Customer Oriented F&B Vending service

Vending Machines

Modern, IoT-connected vending machines, servicing your favorite snacks.

Micro Markets

Office break-room transformation - a vending option your emploees will love.

Hundreds of Choices

Snacks, fresh fruit, juices, seltzers, teas, gluten free, fat free, sugar free, kosher, and more.

Reliable Technology

Cloud-based payment, monitoring, logistics & fulfillment systems, ensuring high quality, reliable 24/7 operation.

Convenience at your fingertips

The most innovative, smart, high-tech and automatic vending machine operator in Israel.

We are proud to provide the widest range of food & beverage products to our happy customers and craft unique vending solutions for every client.

Benefits for Employees

Health and well-being have become increasingly important over the previous decade. Dehydration and hunger can impact your productivity and performance. Choose snacks & drinks that can aid in maintaining energy levels and a healthy lifestyle. We can customise what is available in your office vending machine.

Quick & Easy Access

Grab a drink or a snack in less than a minute!

Increased Flexibility

Rather than waiting for a lunch break, get a snack when it works best for you.

Energy boost

Staying hydrated and eating every 3-4 hours helps you maintain steady energy levels throughout the day.

Customizable options

There is a variety of vending machines with endless customizable options to meet your workplace needs.

Benefits for Businesses

Relieving workplace hunger is just one of many benefits of adding a vending machine to your business.

The purpose of vending machines is more than simply providing food. They can significantly improve your operations and company culture.

Low overhead costs

A convenient way to feed a large staff 24/7, with minimal overhead.

Easy maintenance & management

By partnering with an industry-leading vending company like Super-Vend, you save time and money on food, drinks and snaks supply & management.

Maintain Low stress levels

Long periods without eating lead to a release of hormones that can make people feel angry and stressed. Vending machines will help keep your team fed and happy.

Less time out

With a vending machine in the building, who needs to go shopping? Your employees could grab a snack or a drink from the vending machine in a matter of seconds, maximizing their full potential contributing to your business.

Improve team productivity

Food makes people happy and happy people are up to 13% more productive.

Improve Employee motivation

Providing easy access to food & drinks shows your care about the employees well-being. Employees who feel valued and appreciated are motivated to accomplish more for the team.

Maintain Energy Levels

Vending machines stocked with healthy snack options provide a convenient way for your employees to maintain a balanced diet and stay energized.

Staying hydrated

Consiming the right amounts of liquids increases your energy levels and boosts brain function. Installing a vending machine with ice-cold drinks will encourage your employees to stay hydrated to fuel their productivity.

Promote health & wellness

You can fill your vending machine with nutritious snack options to promote healthy eating in the workplace.

#1 Vending Service Provider

Area's leading vending vervice provider for offices and workplaces.

We are the leading vending machine service provider in Israel, supplying businesses with high quality vending machines both new and second-hand.

We offer exceptional services and the latest cutting edge technology to provide our clients with a full range of vending solutions.

Interested in a new refreshment services provider?

We welcome the opportunity to serve you! We will provide a complimentary assessment of your break room needs with no obligation.

A Range of Vending Machine Types

We work with major manufacturers to supply the best vending machines and the widest range of products, from hot and cold drinks and barista-style bean-to-cup coffees, to snacks and chilled fresh food.

Vending Services & Solutions

Flexible vending machine services, customized for your needs.

Customer-oriented vending services and tailor-made solutions, customized to the needs of your worksplace.

Fully Managed

Hassle free vending solutions designed for your convenience.

Supply Only / DIY

We can provide you with the supply for vending and coffee machines, when you manage the machine yourself.


One stop shop for wholesale vending supplies and workplace refreshments.

Micro Markets

Micro market vending solutions tailored to your needs.

Vending Machine Services

As part of our fully managed vending machine hire service, we can supply, install, maintain and service your vending machine, providing professional, tailor-made solutions to suit your needs.

Hassle free vending machines can be yours thanks to our years of experience in the vending machine rental and sales industry.

Our qualified engineers can resolve any issues you may face, helping you to run your own machine with a full service package designed for your convenience.

Vending Machines Operations Support

If you are interested in our vending machine hire service or are looking to purchase your own vending machine, please contact our team today to discuss your requirements.